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A Knight of the Blood

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Griffin, an expert wise-ass, has never experienced true horror until his father is killed by a foul beast that certainly seems like but is, apparently, not a werewolf—according to the knight who saves him from the same fate, anyway. He’s also never met a real knight before. Or had superhuman speed. Or strength. Or met his soul mate. Who knew the capacity for it all was in his blood all along?


Encountering the ancient Order of the Guardians and taking his place a defender against creatures of darkness awakens Griffin to a host of experiences, both human and supernatural—and often unnerving. Between monsters, psychotic enemies, and secretive knights, can Griffin and the rest of the Order hold back evil...or even survive?

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The Harrowing


Strange things have always happened to private investigator Zoe Flynn, but lately things have begun to get really weird...and deadly.

A nightmarish vision hurls Zoe into a world filled with mysterious strangers, totems, cults, demons, Angels, zombies and more. The visions never stop, and neither does Zoe on her hunt for a murderer no one believes exists, with help from sources no one would believe if she told them.

Dark forces swirl around Zoe as she tries to unravel the horrors from her past and stop the ones in the future. Not to mention the end of the world is at hand and only she can save it.

Just another day at the office.

Cold Dead Fires


Release Date: TBD

Harlan's mill, horror novel, horror book, gore, demons
Harlan's Mill
Status: In progress
Completion Date: 2020
Nutshell: FBI Agent Thomas Dell is sent back to his childhood home to investigate bizarre and macabre events revolving around an old secluded town called Harlan's Mill.



Well worth your time and money.


This is a novel that will keep you reading way past your bed time! HeatherG

A fast-paced, entertaining journey. I had a hard time putting it down!

Stephen Roth, Author of  "A Plot for Pridemore"

Status: In progress
Completion Date: ??