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Coming 5/1/22

After his mother unexpectedly dies, successful app designer Matthew Rickman returns to his home town hoping to find enlightenment leaning against his favorite wooden post at Dale’s General Store. Instead, his life is thrown into chaos by an exotic woman he knows only by the car she came in, Mercedes. Within minutes of her arrival, he’s killed a man, covered it up, and become a prisoner in his own home, Mercedes now his warden.

With a gun to his head more often than not, Matthew is thrown on a collision course with a deadly legacy he knows nothing about, and an ever changing cast of players. With his life in the balance, he must decide who to trust.

Nazi agents, the CIA, and a mysterious group known only as Die Kinder all seek to control him, and through him, the world. Matthew is pushed to his limits in a race against time that takes him deep within the evil inner workings of the Fourth Reich. He’s tested in ways no one could predict, proves himself with skills he didn’t know he had, and is drawn into a game where one wrong move will have deadly consequences.

To save the future, he’ll have to sacrifice the past.

Christmas Knight ebook cover

Author of Horror, Suspense & Thriller Novels

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