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On the eve of my 18th birthday, I make a wish.

Filthy. Depraved.

I think I’m alone.

That no one hears me beg for something no good little princess

should ever want.

That the monsters of my dreams will stay oblivious.

That when I go to my room that night, it will be empty.

I’m wrong. On all counts.

Who says wishes can’t come true?


Welcome to the Beastmen of Garilen. A super short, suuuper hot mini series featuring giant minotaurs and their giant...ahem. Look, check your pearls at the door, there be massive peen here. Don't grab this and get mad 'cause you get excited. Embrace the peen. You're one of us now.


**Link isn't active yet for Amazon, but once they approve the preorder it will be!**

Teaser-KaliKing vs3.jpg

Now Live!

From the rubble of Colony9 to the palace of a giant.

Kali and the King is book one of an exciting new sci-fantasy erotica series. Inside you’ll find so, so many things, including massive size difference, MMFM aliens/human mate quad with public claiming, cüt play with teeth, hurt comfort, prehensile tail-action, long tongues, wing hugs, and a cast of characters you’re sure to fall for.